Where are you and did you survive?

Yes, we survived the Sweden Rock Festival, but since i am:

1: Mad.
2: Kind of stupid.
3: With Sabaton on tour
4: Fancy big drinks
I am almost dead! 🙂
But the band feels just great!
We all are sorting stuff out for the swedish releaseparty so we are kind of busy right now so never ever think that this Sweden Rock Festival stopped the warmachine.. 
We will be back this saturday with our guns fully loaded!
My pic’s from Sweden Rock & Essen will stay offline a few more days. Sorry for that.
/ Your humble webmaster.
Cu29 - Dalarnas nya ledande reklambyrÄ

Cu29 kommer min vassa reklambyrÄ i Falun att heta!


Jag söker ny utmaning i livet

Hund pÄ restaurang i Falun.

Är hund vĂ€lkommen pĂ„ restaurang i Falun?

Apple Watch Series 6

En typ av recension: Apple Watch Series 6


Vad ska jag tÀnka pÄ nÀr jag ska köpa biljetter till ett evenemang?