We love our fans & all the great pictures we get from our shows and signing-sessions and would like even more to publish here in the gallery @ poodles.se
Now we have 2 great options for sharing Your Poodles-pictures here on our website:

1: Register in our forums & upload them yourself!
-This is the optional thing to do and gives you the unique chance to write a little story if you like.
Short guide how to do it here & if you have trouble uploading: Try to get help from other forum-members or send PM to Krister who really knows how this works.

2: E-mail your pic’s to the webmaster and he will publish in the gallery.
-This is no problem at all, but it’s not as fun as the first option.
E-mail our webmaster here & don’t forget to write who’s the photographer is.

NEW: No registration is needed to view images in the gallery anymore.
-Just click yourself to the Gallery-section of the forums & see it all!

Du You have proffesional pictures?
-Send our webmaster an E-mail and he will fix the ”Pro Photographer”-status on your membership in the forums!