We’re very proud to announce the video for our song ”Uprising”.
This video is a small insight to the events of the Warsaw Uprising that started on the 1:st of August 1944 and lasted for 63 days.

We have been blessed with the opportunity to attend the ceremony remembering the fallen on ”W”-hour in Warsaw, as well as given the chance to meet and speak with veterans and survivors of the battle.

This video is a tribute to all the brave men, women and children who fought and lost their lives in this battle, and we would like to ask you all to please spread the word about this video, and more importantly, this battle who sadly seems to be a forgotten chapter in history outside of Poland.

And finally, a BIG thank you to the Radosław reenactment group who made sure that all details are historically correct, as well as actors Peter Stormare, Monika Buchowiec, and Mateusz Damięcki whose participation in this video hopefully will increase the interest in this video and the Warsaw Uprising.

Gloria Victis!
/ Sabaton


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