Tuesday started off bright and early in the radio studio at the Swedish national radio where we performed Raise The Banner and talked for a while in the radio show Morgon Passet. Later on we all jumped in to the bus and set off for Gothenburg. When we rolled in to town it was clear to all that the luck we’ve been having with the weather so far this summer has come to an end. The rain was pouring down and the thunder was roaring in the sky. Well, nothing to do but to get ready for the show and hope for the best. The show must go on.

The weather did not improve much but the crowd that had made their way to the classic stage at Liseberg warmed us up on stage and we had a great show despite of that. No rain or thunder will stop this Rock n’ Roll-machine.After the show we went to hang out at the great sky bar at Gothia hotel and our good friend Oscar Dronjak from Hammerfall treated us to some local specialities like this one, called Monkey Brain (it was actually a lot more tasty than it looks).
On Friday it was time to revisit Norrköping, a show we were all looking forward to due to the great times we’ve had in this town. And the show was just as great as we had hoped for. The packed town square was boiling as we entered the stage at 11 PM. After the show we were treated to a great party at Bomullsfabriken (thanks Mårten) a party that went on until the early hours of the morning.
In our mini series about well-dressed poodle fans we all raise our hats to Jennifer, check out this jacket!
Rock on!