Thanks MORA!

We rolled in the panzerbattalion to Mora without our own stageset and had limited access to the stage & lightning system as we were support act for Hammerfall, we also did a limited show of only 45 mins, but the crowd were there for us and even before the whole show begun we could here them scream ”Sabaton, Sabaton, Sabaton” all the way into our dressingroom!

Pic’s are now uploaded in the gallery!


Jag söker ny utmaning i livet

Hund på restaurang i Falun.

Är hund välkommen på restaurang i Falun?

Apple Watch Series 6

En typ av recension: Apple Watch Series 6


Vad ska jag tänka på när jag ska köpa biljetter till ett evenemang?

Swedish rock & metal bands

Don’t we all love SWEDISH rock & metal bands?