Should a christian listen To sabaton?

All I’m gonna say to end this. 7734, Burn your Crosses, and Thunderstorm.

All Song’s about Christian’s for Christians. Carolus Rex (Aka Charles XII) and Album from Sabaton, is about the Swedish Empire under Gustavus Adolphus, and Charles XII (Carolus Rex). A Chirstian Empire, (Protestant), the only song on that album that isn’t in their percepctive is 1648 (Battle of Prague), when The Swedish, and Catholic Roman Empire were at a standstill. The Russian held the Swedish from entering their Gate’s, and pushed them out of their city even after the collapse of a wall. Very few lives were lost (In the hundreds) and the Swedish left with some Russian Valuables. So think what you will about them. I personally am an Atheist so take this in whatever way you want.


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