Your humble webmaster has been in the studio this weekend for a good time with the band and we have had a lot of other visitors as well, in the picture you can see Olof from Sweden Rock Productions and Pär.. Olof and Pär are not on the same height over the sea! 😛

Ok, the studiosession and the upcoming album then: Well, it’s not much left to do now. Some guitarrsolos, a few backing vocals, and some other small fixes and then its all done for the mixing session thats already has begun actually.
It sounds amazing folks.. I could say this just to promote Sabaton, but this comes from my old metal heart: This is Sabatons absolute best album and it will be a album that the world will love! 
Our weekend has been a mix of sessions in the studio, good home made food, some beer and a lot of laughs! A weekend that we all (the band) needed i think after all the hard work to create this masterpiece!
Stay tuned friends!