Sevendust – Blood And Stone


Sevendust will never win any prices for doing extremely original music. That is more than fine. When you produce an album like Blood & Stone that does not matter.
This album lives right in the landscape I like my music. It is not grunge, but the melancholy and anguish that resembles the pain that is associated with grunge. It is not new metal, or to radio friendly like say Nickelback or 3 Doors Down. But it takes the trait of bands like that and travel with it to other spheres of music.
Lajon Witherspoon is a great vocalist. He masters the more rock orientated songs clean as a whistle and also delivers angst and emotions when needed. A very balanced and high-quality performance. This combined with songs that to be honest have a higher quality and listenability then Sevendust usually produce is to me a nice surprise. Because, to be honest this band has not had me hooked with previous releases. This one does have me hooked on them in a completely different level. I like it.

Song wise, there is a nice variety during the album and the order of songs is nice. There is something to be said for balance in the song list on an album. I think they got it just right from start to finish. The finish, The day I tried to Live. One of my favorite Soundgarden songs, Witherspoon nails both tone and emotions in what that song means to me.

Criminal is my pick for best song of this album. Slower tempo, great melody and emotionally charged vocals. It has all the qualities that I find good in a song.
The level of quality in the songs is high all the way through, it does not stick out so much either high or low, but it does not get boring or crappy at any point. So, for all I care please continue doing what you are doing guys and keep up the good work.


Band: Sevendust
Title: Blood and Stone
Label: Rise records
Date of release: 2020-10-23
Rate: 8/10
Stand out track: Criminal
Playing time: 49:23
Land of Origin: USA

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