After 10 years as a band and 4 albums we have decided what the next step in the evolution of Sabaton will be.

A contract with the biggest Heavy Metal label in the world has been signed and the next album will be released by Nuclear Blast in the spring of 2010.

The last album ”The Art of War” touched the hearts of tousands and tousands of metalfans around the world, and with their help we are now ready to hit the studio and record our new album.

What way could we better end our 10´th year?
-See you all in 2010 under the Coat of Arms!

“Nuclear Blast is very stoked to announce another great signing:

SABATON – one of the most promising upcoming bands in heavy metal these days!

Although they have already released four great albums, they are still unknown to the majority of the metal legions – which is a shame!
We noticed the band’s potential to become one of the leaders of nowadays metal scene – especially by visiting their festival appearances and club shows.
Together Nuclear Blast and SABATON are prepared for the next step to bring the band on a much higher level!
-Watch out for their new album in spring 2010!”
(Jaap Wagemaker / A&R of NUCLEAR BLAST)