A few weeks ago we unfortunately could not play in Skien due to a powerfailure.
Due to this we now add one date exclusivly for Norway to return to Skien and give our fans this show.

Normally this period would be a time of recovering and resting from touring and recording but we cannot let the people in Skien down.

See you there and dont forget to order your tickets.

Last time Katakombene was sold out.

The show in Essen is still the last one of the Art of War tour and will be the time when we put some of our songs into retirement. What we do in Skien we dont know yet but it will be a surprise.

Cu29 - Dalarnas nya ledande reklambyrå

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Jag söker ny utmaning i livet

Hund på restaurang i Falun.

Är hund välkommen på restaurang i Falun?

Apple Watch Series 6

En typ av recension: Apple Watch Series 6


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