The Poodles new album, “Clash of the Elements” will be released in Europe by Blistering Records.

The Poodles are proud to announce that the European release of their brand-new album, “Clash of the Elements”, will be in cooperation with Blistering Records. Prompted by the success of the release in Sweden on their own label, Rosehip Alley Records, The Poodles aim to repeat this success throughout Europe. Blistering Records provides the band with the flexibility and innovative-ness that The Poodles were looking for in the further release of “Clash of the Elements” in territories outside Sweden.

On their new release, ”Clash of the Elements”, The Poodles worked with some of Sweden’s finest song writers and got legendary producer Mike Fraser (Whitesnake, Coverdale/Page, Aerosmith, etc.) to mix several tracks. ”Clash of the Elements” promises to be an international break-through for the band.

“Clash Of The Elements” will be officially release in Europe on August 28th. The European version of the album will contain, as bonus tracks, an acoustic version of the song “I Rule The Night” and two video tracks, the brand new videos for “I Rule The Night” and “Like No Tomorrow”.

With their new release, The Poodles have liaised with new working-partners, such as Blistering Records, to extend their hunting grounds and take the band to the next level, internationally.

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