Friday morning, just as early as you know by now we’re always forced to get going, we jumped onboard the night-liner. An all-day trip up to Strömsund was ahead. It was a pretty enjoyable trip though, we spent the day chilling in the bus, reading, watching a movie and just hanging out.Upon arrival we checked in to the hotel, got some dinner and got ready to do a show.

The crowd was great and we had a super show even though the summer night is not as warm as you might like this far north.

After the show we hung out for a while with the good people of Strömsund but pretty soon we had to leave, again, a long journey to Oskarshamn lies ahead. After sitting around in the bus for a while and tasting one of the gifts, from a fan that obviously shares our taste when it comes to both music and candy, we all pretty much crashed.

Except for one guy. Somebody had been partying all night, wearing Kicken’s Stage outfit!

After a good night’s sleep and a least half the following day we reached Oskarshamn. Everybody was quite hungry when we got there but no one was as happy as Henrik when dinner was finally served.
We also had time for a short signing session during the early hours of the evening and met a lot of great fans. Most of the fans we meet are all pretty well dressed but some, as you can see, take it to another level. We like it!
Time to get ready, 11.000 people waiting for the show. Some pep talk in the dressing room and then GO!And what a show it was!

And after the show, party time! We had a great party together with some of the other bands who had performed earlier and Jake sort of set the pace when he got into his Arab sheik routine.
It all went quite well and we were all having a great time until the cops came along and tried to break up the party. There’s no sign of a great party like having the cops come around trying to break it up. After about half an hour of hard diplomatic work from, among others, the former Arab sheik (now magically transformed back to Jake) the party could continue at another location.Jake just needed a nap first.

All is well that ends well, isn’t that what they say?

Tomorrow we play at one of the biggest TV-shows in Sweden, Allsång på Skansen. Reports on that will follow.

Stay tuned!


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