Pajala was indeed a cold experience! When we entered the stage around midnight, Friday night, the temperature was a stunning 8 degrees Celsius! Trying to get the fingers working at that temperature is not an easy thing. Anyway, the warm welcome from the people of Pajala kept us warm on stage.

Saturday was for the most part a day spent traveling, by car back to Rovaniemi, catch the plane to Helsinki, another one to Gothenburg (where Henrik’s bag with all his clothes and personal stuff was lost) and jump in the car for a three hour drive to Nora, all in all about 12 hours of travels. The four guys getting out of the car in Nora at 9:30 PM were a bit tired, I must admit. But that’s nothing a quick dinner, a shower and above all a fantastic crowd, like the one in Nora, can’t cure.The rain kept falling and it didn’t look good at all but again, just a few minutes before hitting the stage the rain magically stopped and that was not the only magic this night, the show was great! A few thousand people had come out to see the show and they were clapping and cheering like their life depended on it.

After the show and a short session of signing autographs on anything imaginable we retreated back to the hotel, hung out for a while in the lobby and hit the beds, tired but all in good spirit.

Now we’re sitting in the car again heading back home. Next weekend Srömsund and Oskarshamn.

Stay tuned!

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