Mörk Gryning – Hinsides Vrede


In 1995 two teenagers under the pseudonyms of Goth Gorgon and Draakh Kimera created Black Metal-history, releasing their debut album “Tusen År har Gått” to an unsuspecting world. Besides, or maybe because of, having created one hell of an album their career was lined with controversy such as being threatened to death by, the now late, Blackmoon (of Dark Funeral/Necrophobic-fame) for not being “true” enough and getting into fistfights with members of fellow Swedish Black Metalers Naglfar about their singer leaking the youngsters true identities in his fanzine.

Unfortunately Mörk Gryning, besides being the target for, and creating some ludicrousness on their own newer really managed to follow up their initial success but released a couple of, at least OK albums until their demise around 2005 but due to the fact that “Tusen År har Gått” is one of my absolute favourite albums I was happy as a kid on Christmas eve when I found out that they where to return with a new album in 2020!

“Hinsides Vrede” starts of with a short intro that transfers into some real old school Mörk Gryning-magic in form of the fabulous “Fältherren” which combines the debut’s mix of raw blast beat aggression with intriguing melodic tremolo picking melodies and it’s almost as it was 1995 all over!

Sadly the throwback to the mid-nineties doesn’t last for long as it, as soon as in the second song “Existence in a Dream” is time for more “modern” soundscapes. It still sound like “Mörk Gryning” but a bit more like on some of their later, less straight forward albums, and although it’s pretty good I sure could have some more of that early sounding stuff.

Luckily, “Hinsides Vrede” isn’t the only song that takes you back to the glory (or at least almost) of the debut as you, throughout the album get a fresh mix of the old aggressive fast stuff as in “Infernal” and “The Night” and more modern sounding songs like “Sleeping in the Embers” and the atmospheric “Without Crown” and every now and then there is an instrumental interlude, like the short acoustic “Hinsides” and the Dissection-minding piano pieces “For Those Departed” and “On the Elysian Fields”.
Usually I’m not a big fan of intros, outros and interludes but on “Hinsides Vrede” it actually work out pretty well!

To summarize it, Mörk Gryning sure still knows how to write memorable songs with enchanting melody lines and outburst of raw primal aggression and although it doesn’t quite match up with the brilliance of the debut album it shows that “Mörk Gryning” in 2020, still is a force to be reckoned with!

Artist: Mörk Gryning
Title: Hinsides Vrede
Label: Season of Mist
Date of Release: 23/10-20
Playing Time: 35:20
Rate: 8/10
Land of Orgin: Sweden
Stand Out Track: Fältherren

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