Sabaton Vs the German Polizei - Germany 2007

Memory Lane: Sabaton Vs German Polizei – Germany 2007


Pär got a total of 3 fines from the polizei on a small street somewhere in Germany back in 2007. The first was for all the motor oil that was spilled on the road due to a crashed engine, the second was for parking the bus (with a totally broken engine) in a bad place on the road, and the third one i really don’t remember why he got.

This happened on our way down to Antwerp, Belgium where we recorded the show for an possible upcoming DVD release, and we lost at least 24 hours of pre-production due to this mess with the broken tour bus. We made it just in time to do the show… And the DVD material was never used.

The funny thing with this image is that Pär looks really depressed due to the bus accident and the fines etc, but he is totally focused on one thing only:
– How to get to Antwerp in time, no matter what. The show must go on!