Memory Lane: Peace & Love festival – 2008

This show was not planned, at all.

At 10 AM on show day they called us from Peace & Love festival in Borlänge, Sweden (Just 15 minutes by car from Falun) and said that Opeth had cancelled their show later that evening, and they wanted Sabaton to replace them, if possible.

Well, we were at home, and had no show planned that night, but the crew was not prepared at all due to the upcoming shows (Metaltown in Göteborg, Sweden and Graspop Metal Meeting in Dressel, Belgium) the days after, so we had to be creative for a minute.. And of course we made it.

It was a great show and as i recall the police got a call from some woman living close to the festival area claiming that there was a terror attack going on, and that she had heard multiple bombs in central Borlänge.

Mabye, and just maybe, we fired of some pyros made for a slightly bigger stage, and a slightly bigger crowd. But just maybe. 😛

At least, it was 100% safe, and no one got hurt of course!

Memory Lane: Peace & Love festival - 2008

40 minutes after this show ended, we were back in the bus and left for Göteborg and the Metaltown festival..