Hot at sweden rock!


Me & Pär are in the productions office sorting things out. Also Chris, our FOH-man is trying to sort his sad life out online in some strange way!
The other guys are outside meeting friends, co-workers, bands, alcoholics & all other wierd people.

Myhr got lost last night, we havent seen him at all today, also a few crewmembers are lost, but i think i know where to find them (Backstage-bar has opened!)

Soon we are going to connect our pyro’s and try to blow something up just to see if it all works great for tonight show.

It’s hot as hell here on Sweden Rock Festival, and the festival area havent opened yet.. I wonder if we will surive this..
Show tonight and then 4 hard parttys before we head back home late on saturday night!

Well, just to ignore the pain and keep rocking i suppose?!

/ Your humble webmaster