Hello everybody!

Sabaton has the first free weekend since April & we are loading our cannons for the Metal Alliance festival next weekend!
It feels very nice to see that things is finally starting to cook on the official website again & we now promise & swear that we will keep it up 2 date with fun stuff + pictures as often as we can!

We also like to present our new webmaster: Krister Lindholm who is going to take care of www.sabaton.net in a much better way then before!
Krister wants all of you fans to send in Your live-pictures of us & he will publish the ones that we & him like best!

Send to: krister@kristerlindholm.se (Maximum 10 of the greatest pic’s please…)

Finally we can report that we had done great progress on our webshop and will sort things out with this new partner of ours within a week or two!
Please come and support us on September 1st at Hof Ter Lo were we are recording our first live-DVD that we will release later on!