Sabaton wish you a Heavy New Year. On next Monday we start our real
recordings of the ”Coat of Arms” album.
You will be able to follow the recordings via our Youtube channel.

We also have another teaser from the upcoming album. This song is more
earlier Sabaton style with more guitarwork.
This song is not yet recorded, this is just a pre-production/demo
version of the song.


We are currently booking our next tours so stay tuned. Tickets will be
available very soon.

See you all on tour 2010.

Cu29 - Dalarnas nya ledande reklambyrå

Cu29 kommer min vassa reklambyrå i Falun att heta!


Jag söker ny utmaning i livet

Hund på restaurang i Falun.

Är hund välkommen på restaurang i Falun?

Apple Watch Series 6

En typ av recension: Apple Watch Series 6


Vad ska jag tänka på när jag ska köpa biljetter till ett evenemang?