Closing the Books on 2009 – Long live 2010

Arguably, 2009 has been the busiest year so far for The Poodles since the big breakthrough in 2006. We have seen the birth of our third album ”Clash of the Elements”, which by now has been released all over Europe and with a planned release in Japan in early 2010. The spring of 2009 was entirely dedicated to finishing the new album and preparing for its release at the end May.
The release party was a clash all in itself with friends and press (enemies, perhaps?) gathered at Café Opera for a night to remember.

The Poodles was a regular on TV during the spring as well as the fall of 2009. Memorable appearences were Babben&Co (SVT), Sommarkrysset (TV4), and Go Kväll (SVT). During the late fall, there were also dates on anything from Dansbandskampen, to Faddergalan (with Robert Wells).

In the summer heat, the band was busy planning the mainland European release of Clash of the Elements and a quite ambitious European tour to follow up the release, all done in between shows.

At the crossroads of October-November, The Poodles went headfirst into a three-week European tour that took the band from England to Spain and everywhere between. Along for the ride were swedish opening-act Dynazty who helped the band set fire to the hearts and minds of anyone in attendence.
Despite having the tour cut short due to a severe case of the flu that incapacitated Jake for over three weeks, the shows that were carried out were nothing short of spectacular. The tour showed the band that the album had been well received by both fans and criticts.

After a few shows to end the year, The Poodles are looking forward to 2010 with a planned release of Clash of the Elements in remaining territories as well as a live-DVD which features the band on tour in Sweden during the summer 2008 and 2009. A must for any Poodle-fan.

We wish to extend a sincere thanks to all our fans and friends for an exciting year and we hope to see all of you again somewhere on the road in 2010.

Happy New Year!


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