After a very good premiere in Plauen with a happy crowd and a band high on adrenaline and some cute tech-problems (-Hey, its a premiere, what can you expect?) we headed towards Hamburg for a sold out show at Docks!
When we arrived a doctor told Peter, our fantastic bus driver, that he had pneumonia so we decided to put the windshield back in again..
Poodles and bus drivers seems to be a damn curse!
Before soundcheck we had some time left to play around so we all used this time in our own special way:

Jake went to buy some new shoes…

Pontus & Pontus found a hardwarestore…

Kicken were lost for a while and was then found along with two new cousins…

The show at Docks was fantastic! Wonderful crowd, kickass production, we have a great show and our German recordcompany AFM was overexcited and even Einar was happy!

Now its time to check out the nightlife in Hamburg!