Hi all!

Last week, on wednesday, there was a great band performing at a big stadium in Stockholm, Iron Maiden. Kicken was there of course and apart from enjoying the spectacular show he made some new friends.
After two days of partying with the guys in Iron Maiden on friday morning Kicken was harshly pulled back to reality. We were all supposed to meet up at 6.30 AM to go to the airport but it took a great deal of banging on his door before he finally decided he wanted to join us.

Luckily we made it in time and jumped on the plane to Munich. Back on the ground we drove for about an hour north through the vast hops fields to the town of Pförring. We ended up on a field near a small lake where huge fish were swimming around, Jake, Henrik and Pontus did not like the sight of them at all, they were terrified!But, no one fell in the lake so we made it out of there alive. Thank God! Soundchech and a few interviews with radio and TV later we could all go back to the hotel and relax and get ready for the show.

At 10 PM it was finally show time. We entered the stage and were met by the sweet sight of 6000 screaming, cheering, singing, fantastic fans!!We all had a great show and this was the first one for Henrik outside of Sweden. He was very happy and extemly pleased with the treatment from our German friends.Saturday morning, after a quick breakfast we ride back to the airport and fly back to Sweden but this was not our day when it came to traveling, that’s for sure. Delays and all kinds of trouble followed us all through the day but in the end we made it and had a great gig at a private party in the western part of Sweden.

That’s all for this time, over and out!


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