Poodles på Cityfesten Gävle 080807

Gävle rocks!

Just as expected Gävle totally rocked last night!We had a long ride to get there and stumbled in to town about an hour before the show. Just enough time for a quick dinner and then get ready.We must really say a huge thank you to the big man upstairs or who ever it is that is in charge of the weather this summer because this guy must really be into The Poodles. Once again, the rain that had been pouring down all day stopped just as we entered the stage.A really nice looking crowd had turned up and they sure proved to be one of the loudest so far on this tour. They clapped and cheered and screamed like their life depended on it. We joined in the best we could and it all turned out to be a fantastic evening.
Thank you Gävle! Friday, a new day and new adventures for The Poodles. Reports on that will follow.