Final rehersals for Rockstad: Falun!

I sit next door to Sabatons rehearsal studio listening to the final rehersals for the 10 year anniversary right now and i can tell that the show will be just extraordinary in many way.
Pär have just arrived from a security meeting and a last meeting with the lightning & pyro team and things are really getting as cool as we wanted it to be from the beginning… And in a few ways even cooler!
The Sabaton setlist is another very cool thing and for those who cannot come i just want to say sorry.. 🙁
-This will be every Sabaton fans wet dream in many way! 😀
Jocke and i did an radio interview earlier today and tomorrow the local newspaper will do an small inteview with me and after that a large one with the band.
Falun is really cooking right now and everyone we meet talks about the metal attack this upcoming Saturday. Could it be more fun to do such a cool thing in our hometown?
The answer is: Nope!
Well… I will carry on with my stuff now and i REALLY hope to have the time left to meet a lot of you here in Falun in just a few days!
Your humble webmaster & Street Team General
Krister Lindholm

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