Until now we have not been able to present any sales, and we have also been very excited what the new album will bring Sabaton.

We can now present some chartpositions we had in Europe, big thanks to all who supported us and actually bought the album.

-Without you we could not carry on!

We are now focusing mostly on the tour in the autumn, and what a tour it will be… At this time sales are going really well and several shows are close to sold out already.

People who dont want to miss our shows better be quick buying tickets!

SABATON – Coat Of Arms:

Sweden: #4 (W21), #2 (W22), #8 (W23) , #13 (W24)
Finland: #15 (W21)
Germany: #19 (W21), #79 (W22)
Switzerland: #33 (W21)
Poland: #9 (W21), #12 (W22), #19 (W23), #40 (W24)
Austria: #71 (W21)
Switzerland #22 (W21)
Hungary #9 (W21)
Europa: #34 (W22)

W = Calendar Week.


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