Jakob was the first guy to be thrown back into the harsh reality of recording an album. After a few days of well earned rest over Christmas he has been keeping busy in the studio laying down his magical vocals.

And the result is fantastic. (Seems like he’s kind of enjoying it too, don’t you think?)

The studio has also been occupied by some wonderful and talented people playing instruments we have no clue how to handle, like violins and cellos and such. Some awesome strings to the song “One Out Of Ten” were recorded this Tuesday.

Yesterday the piano part was also sent over and put into place all the way from Italy where it was recorded by none other than Nicolo Fragile, best known as the keyboard player in Gotthard and who has also had a big part in writing this masterpiece.

Now when everything is in place “One Out Of Ten” and also the song “Caroline” have been sent off for mixing. The mixing of these two songs will take place in Vancouver, Canada. Why you might ask, well, because in Vancouver there’s a guy called Mike Fraser who’s going to do the mixing. Who is that you might ask, well, Mike Fraser is a world class mixing engineer who has worked with bands like AC/DC, Metallica, Aerosmith, Van Halen, Yngwie Malmsteen, Thunder, Bryan Adams, Guns N’ Roses, Whitesnake and the list goes on forever. Now he’s going to get his fingers really dirty and mix a few tracks on the upcoming album from The Poodles. We’re psyched, hope you are too!

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