Back in Business!

Howdy folks!

After the show in Kalix last Saturday we all enjoyed a few days off. Scattered around in different places, keeping busy with whatever, we all had a nice rest but pretty soon you start looking forward to rocking again.

Thursday’s mission; Uddevalla.

After getting in Uddevalla we had a radio interview lined up and Kicken, of course, thought he could steal the show, not to everyone’s enjoyment as you can see but before things got totally out of hand he actually gave up the microphone and the interview could proceed as planed.

Later on we rocked the house and the crowd was great, as usual. We even performed the Swedish Official Olympic Theme for the 2008 Olympic games, which we have been given the honor to record, live for the first time. It was great!

Friday morning, get out of bed way too early. It seems like a curse or something with this band. A quick ride down to Copenhagen to catch a plane, first to Helsinki, then on to Rovaniemi, in northern Finland, and from there a two hour drive to Pajala which is a town way up in the north of Sweden very close to Finland and actually further north than Kalix, where we played last week. Jake and Kicken were very happy when we could finally get off the plane.

As soon as we got up here we started seeing some very clear signes that, yes, we are way up north!
This one speaks for itself.

Check out the Arctic circle!!

And some of us thought it was actually quite cold during sound check.

An hour and a half to show time so I guess it’s about time to hit the shower. More tomorrow.

Stay tuned!