After the show in Gävle on Thursday we packed all our stuff and headed for Stockholm, we slept for a few hours and then, back in the bus and off to Arlanda, the international airport in Stockholm. At the airport we all dressed up in the Swedish team shirts and performed the Swedish Olympic Games anthem, Raise The Banner, at an event for sponsors and athletes.
It was great fun and after the performance Pontus and Kicken found a Ping Pong table but only on of them found a paddle.As you can see it takes a great deal of concentration to play Ping Pong with a bass guitar. After a while though, they had to give up their attempt to qualify to the Olympics and start thinking of tonight’s show in Älvdalen.

And what a show it was! With a record breaking attendance we rocked Älvsalen until the early hours of the morning.On Saturday morning though, we somehow managed to totally miscalculate how long the trip down to Stockholm was. As we were scheduled to be on a big TV-show on Saturday night we suddenly found ourselves in a very big hurry. What can I say? The trip back to Stockholm was not for the faint hearted. With a great deal of luck and huge amounts of driving skills of course we actually stepped through the door three minutes before our soundcheck was supposed to start. And this is what it all looked like on stage.
And after the show!
If you want to check it out you can find a clip here

Raise The Banner

See you!!

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